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Tofu, not just for vegetarians


Tofu is a fermented product derived from soy, 100% cholesterol-free vegetable and rich in protein. It is ideal for any type of dish.

Tofu lots of protein and zero cholesterol

Proteins are an element present in many products but especially in those of animal origin. In the case of tofu, we obtain proteins, but we get rid of certain components of the animal world that should not be abused, such as cholesterol . It is true that the bioavailability of proteins of vegetable origin is lower than that of animal proteins but generally we tend to abuse them, therefore, tofu , in addition to being a fantastic food in vegetarian diets, is in any type of diet for its nutritional composition.

For 100 g of tofu we obtain about 120 Kcal , something similar to a beef entrecote without fat. Its composition is mostly water, more than 75%, it provides 11.5% protein (slightly less than 16% of the entrecote since tofu contains more carbohydrates in compensation), 6.6% of especially polyunsaturated fats ( 0.8g saturated), unlike veal in which saturated ones predominate, and 3.3% carbohydrates. Depending on the clotting agent, it can also be richer in calcium or magnesium.


How to drink tofu

It is a magnificent food when it comes to combining it with food. It has a mild and absolutely neutral flavor that can be mixed with sweet, salty, spicy, with all kinds of preparations . As tofu is so soft, it acquires the flavor of the food that accompanies it, so it can be used to achieve a certain texture or volume of the dish without hardly altering the original flavor of it. It can be consumed fried, baked, sautéed, grilled, smoked, breaded or battered, in papillote, marinated, etc.

It can be used in starters along with vegetables, for example in cherry tomato and tofu skewers, as we do with cheese, in first courses with vegetables, pasta, rice and legumes, in salads, with mushrooms, assorted vegetables, etc. In second courses as a side or with the sauce or dressing or being the main element if we make tofu burgers, etc. or even in desserts as part of fruit cakes, chocolate cakes, etc.


There is a variety of tofu that is literally called ” stinky tofu ” and is considered a delicacy in China. It is a tofu marinated for months in the juice of fermented vegetables in which prawns, fish and different types of herbs can also be added. It seems that despite its strong smell it has a mild flavor.

It is recommended for …

  • Vegetarian diets : In which a contribution of protein from plant sources is necessary.
  • Chewing problems : Its texture is ideal for people with chewing problems as it is a very soft and tender food.
  • Diets with control of saturated fats and cholesterol : In cases in which the reduction of saturated fats and cholesterol is necessary, as can occur in heart disease, it may be advisable as an element rich in protein and low in saturated fat and without cholesterol.

To consider…


  • Allergic people : soy is one of the ingredients considered a common allergen, despite this many people tolerate it without problem.
  • In breastfeeding: soy contains isofalvones, these act as plant estrogens and can negatively influence the amount of milk produced, it is not an absolute contraindication but should be taken into consideration if you take a lot of it.
  • There is controversy about the intake of soy products in children , and especially girls due to the hormonal involvement that these could cause, although it is true that it is a product widely consumed in Asia since childhood.

Buying and conservation advice

Tofu is generally acquired cut into cubes and very often vacuum packed, it must be kept refrigerated so we will choose specimens that enjoy storage in the refrigerator and if they are packed we will check the good condition of the container and that they maintain the fact of being vacuum. As long as we are not using it, we will keep it in the original container, keeping it under vacuum and refrigerated.

Once the container is opened, the part that we do not spend must be kept in a container where we will introduce the tofu and cover it completely with water . It is ideal that this water is changed daily to increase the useful life of the product. We could also freeze the tofu but it acquires a brownish color and undergoes changes in texture, so we would only recommend it in case of need and to use it cooked later.


The tofu is a fermented product derived from soybean, a legume, in fact their characters correspond to the translation “dou” meaning Jewish, and “fu” which means fermented or rotten.

The recipe

Sautéed vegetables with tofu and soy sauce

Ingredients :

  • Red pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • Snow peas
  • Spring onion
  • Broccoli
  • Tofu
  • Soy sauce

Preparation :

With all the food in equal parts, we clean the vegetables and cut bell peppers and tofu into 1-2 finger cubes, the chives and snow peas into strips, and the broccoli into twigs. Let the tofu marinate in the soy sauce for 5-10 minutes together with the red peppers. Meanwhile we sauté the rest of the vegetables with a drizzle of soy sauce, although it can be made with olive oil if desired, once finished we mix the tofu and the red pepper with the sauteed and serve.



  • The tofu is a fermented product derived from soybean.
  • Benefits : it is a 100% vegetable product free of cholesterol and rich in protein.
  • Ideal in : any type of dish because its neutral flavor goes well with sweet, salty, spicy …


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