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Healthy Avocado Recipes


A few years ago we hardly knew it and of course it was hardly used, but today it is increasingly present in our kitchens. Avocado highlights its caloric intake and its content in heart-healthy fats.

A few years ago we hardly knew it and of course it was hardly used, but today it is increasingly present in our kitchens. Of the avocado out their caloric intake and heart – healthy fat content. It is true that avocado contains monounsaturated fatty acids, like olive oil, but we should not be scared by its fat content, since 76% of its composition is water. In addition, we can highlight its content in potassium, vitamin E and folic acid. Its nutritional properties are interesting but its culinary properties are no less so, since its texture and smooth flavor make it very versatile. There is a lot of life beyond the famous guacamole. Let’s see.

Cold starter

Strawberry, avocado and sliced ​​almond carpaccio

Easier, more attractive and tasty, impossible. We wash the strawberries and slice them lengthwise, we serve them on a platter creating a flower, we also cut the avocado into thin slices lengthwise and we make sticks that we will place on top of the strawberries. On the plate we spread the sliced ​​almonds and we can enhance the flavor of the whole with a few drops of Modena vinegar or another balsamic vinegar.

Nutritional note: this dish provides us with monounsaturated fatty acids from both avocado and almonds, we also obtain potassium and vitamin E, and strawberries are a good source of vitamin C.

With pasta

Spaghetti with avocado pesto and cherry tomatoes or kumato tomatoes

An original way to drink avocado and eat pasta. Avocado pesto is prepared by mashing avocado, pine nuts, basil, a splash of lemon and, if we wish, a clove of garlic, without the germ so that it does not repeat. Once we have boiled the spaghetti, or the pasta that we have chosen, we mix it with the pesto and chop the tomatoes on top that will bring freshness and color to the dish.

Nutritional note: in addition to the carbohydrates in the pasta, we complement the dish with healthy fats from avocado and pine nuts. Cherry tomatoes provide us with fiber, minerals, vitamins and lycopene.


Quinoa salad with wok-sautéed peppers, prawns and avocado

We boil the quinoa and let it cool, wash and dice the green, red and yellow peppers, and sauté them very lightly (they can even be served raw). The prawns should also be sautéed and reserved. We mix everything and on the mixture we cut avocado cubes that will give the final touch and even more color. We can simply dress with oil or give an exotic touch with coriander or use parsley. Black pepper in moderation is also a valid option in this dish.

Nutritional note: complete dish, since quinoa provides slow-absorbing carbohydrates and is also rich in protein. We have just completed the protein content with the prawns and peppers that provide us with potassium, fiber … and if we only give them a point of heat they will maintain part of their vitamin C content.

To carry out

Fajitas with grilled turkey, onion, tomato and avocado

Very simple: we buy fajitas made, which we can give a “blow” of heat with the pan to make them a little crunchy. We cook the turkey in thin strips on the grill, wash and chop the tomato and onion (we can pass it through the pan or put it raw). We laminate the tomato and fill the fajitas with the turkey, onion, tomato and avocado. Ready! If we prepare it to take away and it takes a long time to consume it, it is better to have sprinkled the avocado with lemon juice to stop oxidation.

Nutritional note: they contain meat, vegetables and farinaceous, therefore it provides us with a source of proteins of high biological value, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamins. It is comfortable and complete.  


Avocado smoothie with milk, walnuts and honey

As fast as whipping avocado and walnuts with milk (more or less depending on the desired consistency). To sweeten we can use a touch of honey without overdoing it. And to enjoy! This shake is designed to be taken fresh, but we can also substitute milk for water and lemon juice for a different, lighter and more refreshing version.

Nutritional note: a nutritious drink with heart-healthy fats, calcium and a point of sugar that we must moderate and modulate as appropriate.  

For dessert

Avocado, cream cheese and lime tartlet

They are very easy to make, yes, we need to have molds for tartlets, or make it to the size of the mold we have. The first thing we will do is prepare the classic biscuit base that is used in most cheesecakes (maria type cookies crumbled and mixed with melted butter to form a paste) and leave it in the fridge. We beat the cheese, the avocado and the lime zest that must be very fine to avoid finding pieces. We mix it with neutral gelatin following instructions according to how we use it in sheets or powder and serve on the tartlets to let it cool for about 4 hours. A note presentation can be with a piece of lime and blackberries on the tartlet.

Nutritional note: a sweet dessert without a lot of sugar, let’s try to choose little sugary cookies, yes. In addition to the benefits of avocado when carrying cheese, it is a source of calcium, along with the vitamin C of the lime.


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